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Cyprus chartered building surveying

Confidence in impartial advice, enhanced technical knowledge and professional standards in building surveying in Cyprus.

Building surveying is a recognised profession in Cyprus, like in the UK and other Commonwealth country markets (but also increasingly continental Europe). Building surveying covers a broad spectrum of work; it is an interesting and valued area of expertise that is constantly evolving to reflect what is happening in the real estate sector and construction.

A building survey is required in order to accurately determine a property's true valuation and worth, or often required from buyers before buying a property or for owners who like to maintain a record of their property's condition. Other clients that might need a building survey include business and government institutions. Property surveying is also needed by architects, planners, quantity surveyors, engineers, homeowners/landlords and tenants groups. Furthermore, a building survey may be required in a court of law as evidence or expert testimony. Building surveys can advise on many aspects of a building, including design, costs, maintenance, sustainability, necessary repairs, renovations/restorations, refurbishment, among other.

Maintaining know-how and procedures to writing accurate property survey reports, considering structural elements and all detail.

Essentially, a building survey is an examination of a building in order to produce a report on the structural inspection of a building and the state of repair. Building surveys commonly report on the condition of the property's structure (i.e. foundations, walls, floors and ceilings), incidence of any defects to the fabric of the building and the state of repair of fixtures and fittings, services and plant installations or improvements/renovations.

Typically, building surveys would also refer to property physical features in relation to safety, stability, strength and efficiency, as well as ease of maintenance, repairs and other factors as required. Building surveys are undertaken for large mixed-use developments, commercial use, to residential properties and planning domestic extensions. They are applicable to all sorts of real estate types, including:

  • All types of residential properties (apartments, detached houses, town houses, villas)
  • Commercial
  • Retail and shops
  • Heavy industrial, light industrial, factories
  • Leisure properties
  • Government establishments
  • Hospitals, education institutions

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