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Superior Real Estate service in Cyprus

Market insights to make the right real estate investment; buying, renting, selling, leasing.

Understanding the Cyprus property market is of course the first step in real estate business, whether you are buying or renting, selling or leasing. Despite being a relatively small market when compared to other countries in Europe, it can still be quite challenging to know where to buy/rent and what exactly to look for. This is especially true in an ever-changing market.

As expert real estate agents, Urban Keys has the relevant up-to-date knowhow, dealing with real estate services day-in-day-out. This provides invaluable intelligence and market specific insights to support your decision. From in-depth knowledge of macro market conditions, awareness at a local level, thousands of properties listed on the (online) database, to awareness of true property prices obtained from the hundreds of valuations conducted. This certainly puts Urban Keys in good stead to negotiate on your behalf.

We make the entire process easier and more efficient, with a fresh new approach to real estate services in Cyprus. Our team has an in-depth and modern understanding of the Cyprus market, appreciating changing conditions and changing clientele. They are also experienced in other property markets, understanding the psyche and behaviours of diverse clientele, from the UK, France and Greece in Europe, to Russia and China in Asia. As such, Urban Keys becomes an integral link between Cyprus and international markets.

Because at Urban Keys we really are different!

Superior Real Estate service in Cyprus

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