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Living in Cyprus – most liveable country

Cyprus is arguably one of the most liveable countries in the world. And for very real reasons.

Cyprus, a Member of the European Union, Eurozone and Commonwealth of Nations, is widely considered to be one of the most liveable countries in the world. Few places in the world can offer the same living standards and quality-of-life as Cyprus does. Many countries and cities regularly lay claim to this, and actually pay for the right to have such a “most liveable” title. In Cyprus, it is genuine, honest and practical consideration.

So why is Cyprus one of the most liveable places, therefore popular location for residence: on account of its extremely safe family environment; ideal Mediterranean island climate; healthy and natural gastronomy with home-grown produce and rich flavours; unique nightlife and entertainment; history/culture; diversity in nature, landscape and attractions within close proximity; good-hearted and friendly community-based people; as well as its geographical location close to many other countries in Europe, the Middle East-Asia and Africa (EMEA).

People also commonly decide to live in Cyprus for retirement or due to business purposes. Little wonder why Cyprus has fast become a popular choice of residence for other European Union member states, as well as new emerging markets such as Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe, and Asian countries India and China. This is sure to grow.

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Living in Cyprus – most liveable country

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