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Urban Keys: Revolutionising Real Estate in Cyprus

Urban Keys Chartered Surveyors is young, fresh, dynamic and innovative in approach, ensuring the property industry in Cyprus is consistent to international standards and always customer centric. We call it "Contemporary Professionalism" made to suit a new generation and changing real estate market.

What makes Urban Keys the new leading real estate agent in Cyprus?

About Urban Keys

Headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus and with a reach in all districts, Urban Keys Chartered Surveyors is a new venture with longstanding roots as real estate agents, property valuers and surveyors, offering consulting services to a wide range of clients and on all types of property matters. Our firm's clear mission is to be truly different, embrace change and offer the real estate sector in Cyprus a new dynamic and innovative attitude. One that is consistent with a changing business and economic world, as well as a changing generation customer. We strive to be professional, efficient, down-to-earth, and most importantly, understanding. Meet the Team.

Read more about the Urban Keys mission statement, strategy and approach to real estate in Cyprus

Thousands of properties throughout Cyprus

The true foundation of our real estate service is found in the extensive array of properties listed in our continually growing database system. No doubt, greater stock volume provides increased options to potential home buyers/renters, thereby stimulating more enquiries for property sellers/landlords.

This provides Urban Keys with the added advantage of having a unique and broad insight into the Cyprus real estate market and property valuations, together with an unrivalled sales distribution network. Search the Urban Slash database for properties to buy in Cyprus and properties to rent in Cyprus.

Longer opening hours

To meet the demands and changing needs of the Cyprus market, Urban Keys has introduced longer and more flexible opening hours. Office and call centre opening hours are now more convenient and flexible, together with evening, weekend and bank holiday property viewings and sales meetings.

In fact nowadays, over 55% of Urban Keys viewings are carried out during evenings and weekends. Open seven days a week. Our longer opening hours are essential to maximise viewing opportunities for your property.

Urban Keys offices are open from 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 5pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays. Phone lines are open from 8am - 8pm, 7 days a week.

Professional & expert real estate advice & support

It takes dedication, skill and experience to negotiate the best possible terms – between buyer and seller, renter and landlord – when dealing with real estate in Cyprus. Our team is well versed on the Cyprus market whilst also bring forth international realtor and business experience, multilingual in English, Greek, French, Russian and Chinese-Mandarin.

Collectively, we offer diverse qualifications, together with unique, modern and regularly revised professional standards. Learn more about the Urban Keys team and career opportunities.

Overall, Urban Keys Chartered Surveyors is a real estate agency which offers a variety property services in Cyprus, including issuance of title deeds, transfers of property title deeds, right of access, boundary disputes, division of plots, property valuations, as well as buying, selling, renting and letting property.

Innovative & dynamic Cyprus real estate agent

Urban Keys always strives to be forward-thinking and proactive, as dictated by market conditions. Our corporate charter is to thoroughly understand the Cyprus property market and understand today's real estate customer, thereby confidently introducing new methodologies and services to cater for both. This then allows us to grow organically and evolve to new heights.

What does this mean in terms of real estate services in Cyprus?

  • Offering regular special property deals on Cyprus buying and renting real estate.
  • New innovative and supportive ways to sell and buy property in Cyprus, adapted to radically changing economic conditions, including Rent to Buy, Property Exchange, and Plot Granting.

Urban Keys online platform

www.urban-keys.com is our "vitrine" and connection to property buyers, renters, sellers and landlord leasers. No doubt, our website is the first impression and indication of our company's strategy, approach to real estate in Cyprus, as well as our level of service. Of course, it is also an instantaneous and 'live' online tool for today's fast paced and demanding property shopper.

Above all, our website is fully stocked with properties throughout Nicosia and Cyprus, clearly categorised real estate, detailed property listings with emphasis on visuals (professional photography) and vital specs, map and areas functionality for searching, as well as up-to-date information on Cyprus real estate news, legalities, mortgages and financing, property tax, and property valuations and price benchmark. Indeed, a dynamic, fresh and leading web platform, setting the standards for the real estate sector in Cyprus.

Professional real estate photography

First impressions last. It is well proven that presentation and visuals support the decision-making process, especially with what new technologies and mediums there are available now, i.e. websites, tablets, Smartphone mobile. In fact, our research indicates that around 72% of today's property buyers in Cyprus and over 85% of property renters are initially swayed by the photos of a property online. This means they are far more likely to enquire and visit a property if they are positively impacted by the photos posted on our website.

Thus, we endeavour to provide the service of professional photography to all our property listings, ensuring service quality to property seekers and boosting the likelihood to sell/lease for owners.

Qualifications & code-of-practice

In 2012, Urban Keys Chartered Surveyors became one of the first companies in Cyprus to be “Regulated by RICS”, as well as being one of the first companies that adopted the REABS (RICS agency standards) for real estate transactions. Fully certified and qualified estate agency: member of RICS, ETEK (Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber), Register Estate Agents, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and fully endorsed RICS Agency Standard.

These memberships provide real estate sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants with the utmost (and legal) assurance that they will receive the highest level of customer service in all real estate services, surveying and property valuations. Urban Keys continually monitors end service and output. This includes ongoing market research, customer feedback/reviews, as well as regularly providing training and education to all real estate agents. Read more about Urban Keys's mission and values.

Commission fees & service rates

Real estate agent commission fees and service rates at Urban Keys, and in fact throughout Cyprus are made to be easy and simple; perhaps the most simple in the world of real estate. They offer property sellers with more options in sales/rental distribution channels, together with no obligation. At the same time, they provide property buyers/renters ultra convenient and FREE services. A truly beneficial real estate business model.

The key attributes to such win-win fees and commissions at Urban Keys apply to:

  • Renting or buying property in Cyprus
  • Leasing property in Cyprus
  • Selling property in Cyprus

Read more about how the commission structure and service fees work at Urban Keys.

Read more about Urban Keys's step-by-step guide to buying property in Cyprus, step-by-step guide to renting in Cyprus, step-by-step guide to selling property in Cyprus, and step-by-step to leasing property in Cyprus for landlords.

Urban Keys: Revolutionising Real Estate in Cyprus

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