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Commission fees & service rates

Renting or buying property in Cyprus.

No obligation direction and guidance when seeking to buy or rent residential and commercial property in Cyprus. Urban Keys provides FREE property buying and rental service, i.e. does not charge any fees from helping you find a property in Cyprus, unlike in most European markets. Fees are always the responsibility of property sellers and landlords unless otherwise agreed between the parties. Search our properties for Buying in Cyprus or Renting in Cyprus or contact us directly and let us help you find the right property.

Leasing property in Cyprus.

As per standard procedures in Cyprus, Urban Keys simply takes the first month rent from landlords for letting out property. Unless signing an exclusivity agreement, landlords in Cyprus can have their property listed with different real estate agents and also advertise themselves. With Urban Keys however, not only do you receive a premium, dynamic and proactive real estate service, but also the most modern web platform in Cyprus, therefore access to the largest online distribution channel. This increases the chances of leasing out your property faster. Landord services in Cyprus.

Selling property in Cyprus.

Similarly, Urban Keys charges home and commercial property owners commission ONLY if their property is sold. In most countries this is unheard of; in Cyprus this is standard practice. So, connect to Urban Keys and list your property on the most modern and dynamic web platform for FREE, boosting your online sales distribution channel and significantly increasing the chances of selling your property in Cyprus. If you want to learn how much your property is worth before selling, request a valuation from Urban Keys.

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