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Location, location, location: Cyprus market

Property location. It is common knowledge that location is a fundamental factor to real estate.

Know your location. Urban Keys has the experience, market insights and analytical skills to guide clients in all sorts of real estate solutions in Cyprus. We provide our clients with comprehensive knowledge of local markets and each specific location, including the latest market trends, new developments, as well as all of the necessary demographic, municipal and regulatory information to aid in any decision, such as:

  • Searching for a specific location in Cyprus and Nicosia to buy or rent
  • Foreigners to Cyprus who are not so familiar with the various locations and conditions
  • Selling or leasing property in Cyprus, highlighting the benefits your property's location
  • Determining the most accurate property valuation by rightfully factoring location

Cyprus property market. The Cyprus property market can be split into a number of key locations. Some of the most common include capital cities (further divided into old towns, metropolitan areas and greater area/suburban), regional areas (towns, villages and more remote locations), and coastal zones. Indeed, each property market offers its own unique opportunities and challenges. Urban Keys can help find the property that best suits you.

Urban Keys unique interactive property map. To make it easier to search for a property to buy or rent, we have split the Cyprus property market into a number of distinct and practical precincts. See our map to buy property in Cyprus and map to rent property in Cyprus. Essentially this consists of the following:

  • A wider map of the Cyprus property market, broken up into the various regions; Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, and Famagusta. Each region has its listed properties.
  • Sub map of Nicosia's property market, split by the various key areas as a typical buyer/renter would be searching, including Old Town Nicosia, Metropolitan Nicosia, Greater Nicosia, and Regional Nicosia. This is specific to the Nicosia property market, supporting the search process by determining one's distance to the city and/or type of location they are seeking to buy or rent.

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Location, location, location: Cyprus market

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