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Selling property in Cyprus - Vital steps

Step 1

Prepare & present your property nicely to sell

First impressions count. Prepare your property to impress potential buyers. Address those little DIY issues you've been meaning to do; add a fresh coat of neutral-coloured paint; enhance natural light, remove ALL clutter; keep it spotless.

Step 2

Effective real estate marketing and exposure works

You must increase enquiries. Give your property maximum exposure by listing it online with Urban Keys, then helping to boost awareness by 'sharing' over social media and e-mailing contacts. Statistically, it increases chances.

Step 3

Accessibility to more property viewings for buyers

More flexibility with property viewings, better chances to sell. This is supported by longer opening hours at Urban Keys, maximising accompanied viewing opportunities – over 55% of our viewings take place after work and on weekends.

Step 4

Receiving an offer to buy

As soon as an offer has been made and received, we will notify you verbally and in writing. Price and any special conditions will be stated in writing. We will cross-check buyer's ability to proceed before you decide to accept or counter offer.

Step 5

Offer to buy is accepted

Once a final offer is accepted by you (the property seller), including for fixtures and fittings, Urban Keys will prepare a memorandum of sale and write to all parties to confirm the agreed price, as well as stipulated terms and conditions.

Step 6

Exchange of property contracts

Until contracts are exchanged, neither party has legal obligation to buy or sell the property, and both can pull out without penalty (or only loss of deposit). Both buyer and seller sign identical contracts, and formally exchanged by solicitors.

Your property is now sold: Completion is when residual monies (usually 90%) are transferred from your solicitor to the seller's solicitor's account. Your solicitor will call you when the money has cleared into your account and will inform us to release the keys. Congratulations, your property is now sold!

Selling your property in Cyprus

Selling property in Cyprus - Vital steps

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