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Urban Keys: Looking to buy a Property in Cyprus? Here are 6+1 Reasons why you should consider this!

Cyprus enjoys the abundance of sunshine 300 days per year, making it an ideal place to relocate, settle, or even buy a property in Cyprus! With its picturesque locations, golden beaches, and deep history, the island promises a lavish lifestyle. Therefore, buying and investing in property in Cyprus is not in question as there are numerous benefits one can experience.

Here are our 6+1 reasons you should buy a property in Cyprus

1.Blue Flag beaches and sunshine

Cyprus is well known for its cosy climate. The beach is upon a very close proximity wherever one is, and one can enjoy going to the beach up until late October (and if you are very brave up to November as well). With 49 spotless Blue Flag beaches*, you can swim in crystal clear waters throughout the year, whilst being minutes away from the urban and cosmopolitan lifestyle Cyprus has to offer.

*The Blue Flag status guarantees high hygienic and sanitary standards, that are accessible and safe for civilians searching for holiday homes.

2. Plenty of space for a small island

Being the 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean (behind Sicily and Sardinia), Cyprus combines everything - coast to coast adventures, to mountain excursions, and lively cities. With its contemporary feel, and always remaining relevant, one can enjoy their morning jogging along the coastline, whilst being able to visit another city in less than one hour and a half. It’s unique position on the map shows the multicultural influences the island has been exposed to over centuries, and the different types of places available for tourists to visit in such a small island.

3. Relaxed pace of life

A sense of tranquillity and calm characterise the citizens of Cyprus. Living on the island comes with a lot of benefits. Relaxed, friendly and always willing to help, these are some of the characteristics of the Cypriots citizens! Their way of life is not fast paced but ideal for someone looking to escape the chaos of big cities that one can lose themselves. So, why don’t you zone-out, and embrace the nature and tranquillity of the island?

The perfect way to reset yourself and gain your energy back!

4. Food, shopping, and entertainment

When it comes to Cyprus, there is a gamut of opportunities to enjoy the versatile cuisine, and shopping experience. Always being up-to-date with the Western World influences, the different nationalities that make up the population have had an impact as well on fashion, art, and cuisines.

From traditional Greek dishes, French gourmet and Italian gastronomies, one can awake their senses as they immerse themselves with the different tastes that one can offer to your palette. Also, in Cyprus you can enjoy the much desired and its unique cheese, the halloumi, recently recognised and protected as a sole Cypriot product by the EU.

With every city having its own shopping malls as well as independent and local shops you can always express your own sense of fashion while remaining true to yourself.

5. Skiing opportunities

Mount Olympus in Cyprus is the highest point of the island. With a ski season ranging from January to April, you can ski 2,000 meters above the Mediterranean Sea. This shows the perfect combination of grabbing your sleds in the morning, and enjoying the sunset by the beach in the afternoon. Can you think of anything better during winter?

6. Plenty to do

There is always something happening on the scene. If you are a theater fan you can visit the annual performance at the historical Kourion amphitheatre. If you are excited for wine tasting, you can visit the Limassol Wine Festival which has been around since the inception of the Republic of Cyprus. Finally, if you ever wanted to visit a carnival, the Limassol Carnival offers different exhibits and masqued balls, ending on a high-note with the parade that attracts residents from all the cities.

Cyprus, the island that allows access to three different continents, is perfect for your next property investment. It enables quick trips from one city to another, friendly inhabitants, and dreamy weather 365 days per year. Cyprus is arguably one of the most liveable countries in the world. And for very real reasons.

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